Ultimate Bathroom Design Guide


Far beyond the realms of necessity lies our ever-increasing interest in magical bathroom design. For many, the idea of reclining in a beautifully warm bath with a glass of wine (or 5) and a great book is an idyllic way to spend an evening. This relaxing nature of the room has lead to designs that focus on creating an oasis, with calming colours and design features that inspire comfort. In this … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Floor to Ceiling Windows


With their striking aesthetic, abundance of natural light, and versatile airflow control, floor to ceiling windows are a brilliant and practical design feature for your home. If you’re considering installing floor to ceiling windows in your home, read on as we look through some of the benefits and styles available to you. Natural light First up is of course natural light. It should come as no … [Read more...]

Productive Procrastination: 4 Youtube Channels to Inspire Renovations

If you’re planning a renovation at the moment, you’ve likely made a new best friend recently named procrastination. Don’t feel too bad though - Renovating can get stressful and watching strangers endure those stresses for you is far more therapeutic than a decent person would care to mention. But how do you find those shows? We’d wager not by procrastinating, but just in case you’ve surrendered to … [Read more...]

Great Home Design & Renovation Apps


If you’re stuck for inspiration during your new home design project or renovation, you’re likely scouring blogs, websites, magazines, books, and watching every design or renovation show available online - But have you checked out mobile apps? The adage “there’s an app for that” certainly rings true here with a treasure trove of valuable tools available to you, from quickly mocking up floor plans, … [Read more...]

Build House Home’s Eva Burgess Interview


To help us all make the most out of the impending cold weather of Winter, we reached out to some absolute star interior design bloggers to get their take of what’s hot, what’s not, and what they’ll be up to this Winter. In this post we chat with Eva Burgess from the blog, Build House Home. Eva’s blog started when she moved into a new house and wanted to document how she would turn it into a home. … [Read more...]

6 Scenarios That Need Double Hung Windows

Sig Double Hung Window 1

Double hung windows offer a great versatility of airflow & security and are a very popular option when it comes to choosing new windows for your home. Their styling suits both modern and traditional styled homes, and the range of sizes available make them suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Below we’ve outlined 3 reasons to choose double hung windows. Houses with small children One of … [Read more...]

4 Areas to Install Aluminium French Doors


French doors, also known as hinged or swing doors, offer elegant simplicity for your doorways and outdoor area access. While aluminium french doors can be used in a variety of ways, in a multitude of rooms, we’ve listed our 4 favourite placements below to spark some inspiration if you’re looking at building a new home or renovating your existing property. Bedroom Terraces If you’ve got a … [Read more...]

La Maison Jolie’s Rani Engineer Interview

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 6.33.01 pm

Today we chat to Rani Engineer, the creative director behind the blog, La Maison Jolie. Rani’s a passionate interior designer, stylist and blogger whose penchant for DIY design and craft projects have allowed to gain a great following online. We were lucky to grab a few minutes with Rani to get her design and decorating advice, how she uses aluminium doors and windows in her home, and to see what … [Read more...]

Winter Interior Design Trends


As we say farewell to the warmer months and our outdoor reno projects, it’s time to bring the focus back to the interior and how we can make it cosy for the cold weather ahead. From small decorations to room remodelling, we’ve collated some of the key winter trends to consider for your home. Painting If you’re planning to throw on some old clothes, hit play on the your favourite 80’s playlist … [Read more...]

Decorating With Metallics at Home


Splashes of bronze, copper and other metallics continue to be right on-trend this year and it’s easy to see why. The synthesis of rustic style and modern elegance suits a wide variety of design aesthetics and easily turns the mundane into something special. In our 2016 & 2017 Living Room Design Guide we took a glance at metallics, but in this post we’ll dive into some excellent ways you can … [Read more...]