Are timber windows cheaper than aluminium? Ask yourself these 5 questions first


As you might expect, many of our customers are usually considering several options at a time when it comes to replacing their windows and doors. Like in any significant purchase, budget – as well as value – plays a major role. But more importantly, why are you considering both? And how can you make a decision between the two? Quality plays a huge role in how expensive your windows will … [Read more...]

Can aluminum windows be repaired?

Old Windows

How to tell whether you should carry out window repairs (on aluminium, timber or uPVC), replace components, or upgrade to new. Windows are one of the most important parts of your home to keep in good working order as they play a number of different roles - They allow light and fresh air into your home, while simultaneously keeping out dust, wind, rain, and burglars. While high-quality, … [Read more...]

[Infographic] How to Choose the Best Glass for Your Home

How to Choose the Best Glass for Your Home

If you've ever felt confused about all the types of glass available, and which types are best to use for different purposes in your home, then you're not alone. Glass manufacturing has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades, and we now have a huge range of different types of hard working glass that can do everything from helping to reduce sun glare, to helping heat and cool … [Read more...]

BetaView Wins Showroom Of The Year Award

Showroom of the year 2014

The annual AWA Conference is the highlight of the industry’s calendar, attracting designers and fabricators through to hardware manufacturers and technology specialists. Fenestration 2014 was held on Queensland’s Gold Coast, with over 360 delegates attending the 3 day event.  There were a number of interesting and informative seminars and keynote speeches on important industry topics. For … [Read more...]

Things Not To Do When Remodelling Your Sydney Home

Home being remodelled

There comes a point in most of our lives where remodelling, renovating or upgrading certain parts of our home becomes a natural, or necessary solution. Whether you need more functional space, an addition to your home, or are taking on a place to live that's a bit of a fixer-upper, there are several factors to think about before you get started. Granted, you may have browsed through your favourite … [Read more...]

10 Tips to Maximise Your Space at Home. Number 9 Especially.


What is the first thing you think of when you hear the words 'Sydney real estate prices'? If you live here like we do, you know that Sydney is rapidly becoming a very expensive place to buy property. With space at a premium, making the most what we already have is more important than ever. To help you maximise the the space in your home, here are 10 space maximising tips that can give you … [Read more...]

20 Quick and Easy Tips for Freshening Up Your Home Decor

20 Quick and Easy Home Styling Ideas

Sydney is one of the coolest and most sophisticated places to live in the whole world. But with trends changing all the time it is tricky and costly to keep your home looking fresh. Update your home in minutes with these simple and quick home styling tips that will inject a burst of energy into your home. 1. Change your pillow covers Pillow covers can really suck the life out of your room if … [Read more...]

Creative Tips & Tricks for DIY Projects

Creative Tips for DIY Projects

Throw on your overalls, dig out your hammer and pour yourself a cool beverage... it's DIY time! When it comes to home improvement, there's nothing quite as rewarding as taking matters into your own hands. Not only do you get the chance to learn new skills, you can also transform your house into a one-of-a-kind creation - a place that expresses your personal tastes, ideas and creativity. Read on … [Read more...]

Not Your Typical Home Decor Ideas

Surfboard Benches

Are you looking for creative, imaginative ideas to improve your home - either on the inside or the outside? You've come to the right place! Read on for some fun and helpful ideas that'll have you dragging out the paint brushes, visiting the nearest flea market and re-vamping your place quicker than a flash. Fun and attractive ways of adding seating The basic yet ingenious structure of the … [Read more...]

Striking Examples of Glass in Architecture

National Grand Theatre in China - Examples of Glass in Architecture

We've been using glass in architecture since the 19th century. However, more than 100 years later, we still have so much to discover. You might have noticed glass has become an increasingly common feature in construction in the past three decades, especially in office blocks and public buildings. Let’s take a look at the innovative and exciting ways in which glass is being used in … [Read more...]