Bi-Fold Window Product Walkthrough


Bi-fold windows have been gaining popularity in recent times.  The most common application is in the kitchen overlooking an entertainment area where they can be used as a servery window.

In this video, we have a two panel bi-fold window where the two panels open to the right hand side.  As you can see, unlike sliding windows or stacking windows that have a fixed panel, the bi-fold window doesn’t.  This allows you to take maximum advantage of the window opening width and it’s what makes them great for use as a servery window.

Bi-fold windows come in two panel, three panel and four panel configurations and are manufactured to stack to either the left or the right hand side.  With the four panel window we even have the option of stacking two panels to the right and two panels to the left.

One consideration with bi-fold windows is that it doesn’t have an integrated screen track like other types of windows.  If having a flyscreen is important to your, after the window is installed we would than install a pleated retractable screen.  So in this case, it would draw across the window when it is in the open position.

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