Supply-Only Vs. Supply & Installation

Which is right for me? If you aren’t yet sure about the differences between BetaView’s Supply-Only and Supply & Install services, then you’ve come to the right place.

  • Supply & Installation is the best option for homeowners and renovators who want complete peace of mind. BetaView’s expert team will advise you on all the options available, custom make windows and doors to your exact requirements and take care of the everything involved in the replacement process. The service includes a 7 year workmanship warranty, tidying up, the removal and disposal of your old windows and, if required, any related work like structural alterations.
  • Supply-Only is designed for experienced developers and tradespeople who are familiar with our products. This means we simply manufacture windows and doors to your specifications.

The risks of improperly installed windows and doors

BetaView is committed to manufacturing aluminium windows and doors to the highest standards. However, this is only half the benefit of new windows and doors. How they are installed is crucial to performance in terms of comfort, safety, durability, and energy efficiency.

A recent study published by the Australian Windows Association (AWA) found that approximately 70% of all windows in Australia are installed incorrectly. Reasons for a window or door not being installed correctly can include:

  • Inexperienced tradespeople installing windows and doors without the use of expert tools or knowledge.
  • Experienced tradespeople who simply don’t have much experience installing the highly varied configurations of modern window and door systems.
  • Botched DIY attempts at installation.

An incorrectly installed window or door can not only have serious financial repercussions for you in the future, but can affect the safety and security of your home and family.

Some of the risks of incorrectly installed windows and doors include:

  • Reduced energy efficiency of your home, due to air leaks letting hot and cold in and out of your home.
  • Reduced ability to stop water leaking into your home the event of floods or heavy rain, due to miniscule gaps between moving parts, or seals not being completely aligned. This can lead to moisture building up in the walls of your home, or water damage to your belongings and internal electrical sockets.
  • Reduced fire safety, particularly with BAL-rated products.
  • Increased vulnerability to break-ins, due to weakness in the frame or glass.
  • Increased risk of glass breaking or shattering when hit with a small force, or by strong winds during a storm or windy weather conditions.

BetaView’s Supply & Installation service gives you complete peace of mind when it comes to these issues. Covered by our 7 year workmanship warranty, we take full responsibility for ensuring your windows and doors are accurately and professionally installed for long-term comfort and durability.

For more information about the differences between Supply & Installation versus Supply-Only, please take a look at the handy summary table below.

 Supply & InstallSupply-Only
Expert measurements and custom manufactureA highly experienced BetaView consultant will visit your home to discuss your requirements and take all necessary measurements. An Installation Supervisor will re-visit you to confirm the sizes, project details and timings.Taking the correct measurements is the responsibility of you or your builder.
Product knowledge and specialisationWe manufacture all of our products in our own factory. This means the Installation Team have a direct line of communication with the Manufacturing Team, so we know every single one of our aluminium window and door designs intimately. The Installation Team are all qualified specialists focussing exclusively on windows and doors.As there are numerous materials, suppliers and designs of windows, third party installers are typically not able to provide the same level of knowledge and expertise. Due to the risks involved in window and door replacement, experienced builders often allocate this work to specialists like BetaView.
Installation PromiseBetaView have been specialising in window and door replacement for over 26 years. In the unlikely situation something isn’t quite right with the installation, and so long as it’s within our responsibility (for example, if we have measured your window or door opening incorrectly), BetaView will do whatever it takes to ensure your window or door is installed and working exactly as it should be. Should a replacement window or door or structural work be required, we will provide this and any subsequent labour, free of charge to correct the issue.If you’ve ordered supply-only windows and doors, and something goes wrong during installation, BetaView is unable to make any changes or correct the damage.
For example, if you or your builder has made a mistake with measurements, BetaView is unable to replace or amend doors and windows. Any replacements or damage repairs will have to be made at a cost to you or your builder which can result in lengthy and expensive disputes.
WarrantyBetaView provides a 10 year product warranty. This includes a statutory 5 year workmanship warranty on installation, plus an additional, complimentary 5 year product protection warranty. We also provide you with a 3 year moving parts warranty. Should any covered items require attention within this period, we will schedule a service call with one of our product experts to determine and resolve your issue quickly and at no cost to you.BetaView’s products all come with a 3 year moving parts warranty, however we are unable to accept any responsibility as a result of work undertaken by third party installers. You should check with your chosen installer if they offer any kind of cover specifically related to window and door installation and what is included. You should choose your installer carefully as this can result in costly mistakes.
Lead timesBetaView streamlines the whole process of installing your new windows and doors to ensure that the time from when you order, to when installation is complete, is as short as possible. Each project follows the same process; you are assigned an Installation Supervisor who will provide you with a check measure date, installation date and expected time of completion. This is a fixed time frame where we take responsibility, minimising any disruption to your day-to-day life. When using a separate window manufacturer and installer, the length of the project can become more drawn out. Many reputable tradespeople are in high demand and may see window installations as too small, or not financially viable enough for them to take on, leaving you with fewer reputable options or/and much longer time frames.
Overall costs to the home ownerFollowing careful consultation, the complete cost of manufacture, installation, check measure, rubbish removal and any associated work is bundled together in your quote - So you’ll know exactly how much the whole project will cost, right from the outset. After you obtain your windows and doors manufacture quote from us, you’ll need to obtain a separate quote for your builder. These costs can often add up to more than the bundled cost of supply and installation and usually cannot match the same level of value.
Delivery of your windows and doorsYour Installation Supervisor from BetaView will coordinate the project. Installation happens the same day your windows and doors are delivered. Your windows or doors will be delivered to you when they are ready. Storing new windows and doors on site often leads to damage which can be very costly
Structural WorkBetaView are licensed builders and members of the Master Builders Association and the Australian Window Association. The expert installation team are trained and highly experienced meaning they know exactly what needs to be done to ensure your new windows or doors are properly installed. For example, if an existing window or door opening needs to be made bigger to accommodate your new aluminium windows and doors, we are able to undertake all necessary work - including the removal of wall sections, cutting out of bricks/board and installation of load-bearing beams in all building styles.Your third party installer may not be able to undertake or coordinate all of the work required. This means either they or you will need to hire other tradespeople. This can further complicate the process and often gets tricky when problems occur with timing, workmanship, payment and disputes.
Average time investmentWith BetaView supply and installation, you only need to deal with one provider. We look after the whole project and have a full team of people dedicated to ensuring it goes as smoothly as possible. You can contact us at any point with questions and expect a fast and accurate response. You are also given fixed appointment, check measure and installation times and we won’t let you down.Ordering your windows and doors from one company, then seeking out a third party to install them adds up to a longer average time investment on your part, as there are a number of different parties and points of contact to keep in touch with throughout the process. This can be difficult for those working full time or without the necessary experience to manage.