Louvres: Popular Aluminium Windows for Sydney and Other Australian Residents

Have you had the opportunity to shop around for aluminium windows prices yet? Windows don’t have to be among the priciest of home improvements, there are deals to be had. When it comes to home construction and renovations, windows are a necessary part of the overall design. You simply cannot get around them, unless you are willing to live in a windowless, dark home with no ventilation or light!

louvre windows

The good news that there are various window options that in the long run, ultimately save money for you based on their performance. Consider the louvre design, one of the most popular choices of windows in Sydney and the rest of Australia. They are versatile, provide great ventilation and simply look fantastic.

Defining the Louvre Style

The louvre window is one that is comprised of a sequence of tilted, overlapping slats that can be adjusted to various angles to allow air in. This window style is a great alternative to more traditional windows like the standard double hung in which you can open and close the top and bottom sash independently of one another. The horizontally parallel blades of the louvre can be closed or opened fully and anywhere in between, depending on preference. The slats perform best when made from glass or aluminium materials.

The Benefits

The primary benefit of louvre windows is their ventilation properties. With the blades open, you essentially have full airflow, making use of the entire window. The adjustment properties help you keep your home cooler, lowering your electricity bill. This control is helpful because you can tilt the slats up to direct cool air coming through towards your ceiling where hot air resides. Of course, if you install louvre windows higher up the wall, the open blades also allow hot air to escape, dropping the overall temperature in your home.

Louvre windows allow you to also control the privacy of your home. They are easy to clean and you are able to have flyscreens installed as well to keep insects out of your home. When fully closed, the louvres provide a tight seal so air does not sneak in or out, increasing your energy efficiency.

Choosing the right windows for your home is essential, not only for aesthetics and property value but also for overall functionality. Louvre windows would provide a great return on investment in your home. When shopping for windows, Sydney and other local Australian residents like you should consider the louvre option.

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