Aluminium Bifold Doors

Create a fantastic lifestyle experience and transform unused wall space into a contemporary grand entrance-way. Allow your home to flow seamlessly from your backyard, courtyard, or balcony. Aluminium bifold doors are ideal for Sydney locals who frequently entertain guests or spend a lot of time outdoors. We supply and install custom made aluminium bifold doors in all suburbs of Sydney.

BetaView’s aluminium bifold doors, also known as concertina doors, accordion doors, or folding doors, are the perfect way to make the most of the full width of an opening – allowing you to maximise the flow of air & easily make your home feel instantly larger without any major renovations. Unlike other aluminium door designs, our aluminium bifold doors open fully and the panels stack on top of each other and out of the way. This meaning there are no fixed panels to block the thoroughfare between your indoor and outdoor space. Our bifold doors are available with a range of specialised glass options to suit your home including tinted, clear, toughened, double glazed and more.

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Detailed Description

Aluminium Bifold Doors Options

The efficient folding design of BetaView’s Bifold Door can be configured in any way you choose. Opt for single or double side stacking with 2, 3, or 4 panels. Each bifold door from BetaView is made-to-measure for your home, and our service includes a professionally accredited installation. And as each installation has varying requirements, our team provides free quotes throughout the Sydney area.

Perhaps due to its unique design and popularity, many people know bi-fold doors as either ‘concertina doors’, ‘accordion doors’, or simply ‘folding doors’. All of these terminologies are correct so it is a matter of preference as to the name you choose.

Bifold Door Features


  • A remarkable transformation for your home

BetaView bifolds provide a remarkable transformation for your home. With precise mechanisms and high-quality materials, your home elegantly opens to a new, luxury lifestyle. If you’re keen on enjoying a view unobstructed by a fixed door panel, a bifold could be the solution!

  • Create an everyday access point

The optional integrated single entry door provides convenience without compromising on the fantastic lifestyle of the bifold door. Simply choose your frame colour, glass type and screen options.

  • Perfectly designed to blend in

The premium design uses hinged fixings with no visible screws for a sleek, seamless & attractive profile. You have a choice of either black or silver hardware such as locks, handles, and hinges to suit your personal tastes and property décor.

  • Easy to Screen 

If having a flyscreen is imperative, our aluminium bifold doors can be installed with a retractable fly screen. Learn more about bifold door flyscreens.

  • Patented Torsional Blocking design preserves perfection

With the patented Torsional Blocking design concept, your doors retains the proper shape. Combined with a highly refined manufacturing process, this allows for a smooth gliding action, every time.

  • Easy to clean

Our door architecture includes an outboard track system for quick cleaning.

Need to go bigger? No problem

With a maximum height of 3100mm and a maximum width of 8000mm BetaView, bifold doors can be engineered to fit a wide range of openings. Coupled with our professional installation service for peace of mind, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity.

Tough components and lifetime materials

We only use high-quality aluminium, hardware and other security locking mechanisms which means your aluminium doors and windows stay stronger for longer.

Refined manufacturing process

Our products are made to order to our high standards at the BetaView factory in Sydney using our unique production process refined over more than 25 years.

Internal or External?

We custom manufacture and install both internal bifold doors and outdoor bifold doors right here in Sydney.

Click here to learn whether you can fly screen a bi-fold door.

The Bifold Door – Everything you could ever need to know!


Function and Drama: What The Bi-Fold Door Was Made For

Do you have a spectacular view of the Sydney CBD, a lovely garden or patio or even an outdoor landscape? Do you get the feeling that your existing doorways to these areas are simply not conveying the true impact of the view or restricting air flow? Transform the look and feel of your home and incorporate aluminium bifold doors.

Sydney and other local area residents like yourself have nice yards, outdoor living spaces and more but these areas are not being enjoyed to their fullest potential. Step outside of your comfort zone and consider bi-fold doors. They provide one of the best ways that you can enjoy both outdoor and indoor living.

Basic Design

Bi-fold doors are one of the best ways to allow a homeowner to maximise a large width doorway. These attractive doors can be configured to integrate multiple door panels, typically two to eight, depending on the width of your doorway. Depending on the configuration they either stack to one or both sides.


4 Ways to use a Bi-fold Door

Bi-fold Doors, sometimes known as Bi-folding Doors, are one of the most popular options that we provide. Bi-fold doors are made up of numerous panels that can be stacked concertina style to one side of an opening. They are incredibly popular for their ability to cover very large openings when closed while transferring the room/s when they’re opened. Below we’ll take a look at some of the great ways to use Bi-fold Doors.

1. Connecting living rooms & outdoor entertaining areas

Open plan living is an enviable feature of modern homes, and with their ability to be installed in very wide openings, a bi-fold door allows you to interconnect your living room with an outdoor entertaining area by essentially easily removing an entire wall between the two spaces. This allows you to, in many cases, have your kitchen, living, dining, and outdoor areas all linked and open, offering a sensational aesthetic and maximising air flow throughout your home. Even when they’re closed, they offer a terrific amount of light and a near unobstructed view.

This would be one of the most common ways to use a Bi-Fold Door.


2. Dividing a living & dining area

In many homes, there are living and dining sections that next to each other but divided by a wall, or not divided at all. Sometimes, an open plan isn’t always the best option, as you may wish to improve privacy or entertain two different groups at once. Installing bi-fold doors internally as a divided wall is a great way to make one large room into 2 without making the rooms seem boxed in or small. The glass panels keep noise transference to a minimum but allow visibility into the adjoining room. This is great for families with small children for example, as you can have a dinner party in one room, with the kid’s table in the connecting room, where you have total visibility but can also enjoy some peace & quiet. Another example is if you work from home, where you could segment off a section of the living area during business hours, but then open it back up the rest of the time.


3. Turning a dining room into an outdoor entertaining area

Above we talked about connecting two rooms, but by installing multiple bi-fold doors, you can turn your dining room into an outdoor entertaining area, simply by removing the walls around it. Depending on the layout of your home, you could install 2 or 3 bi-fold doors to make up the walls of the dining area, then when the weather’s beautiful, you can easily remove all the walls and dine alfresco!

4. Make the most of a beautiful bedroom view

If you’re lucky to have a bedroom that gazes upon the abundance of natural beauty Australia is blessed with, then why not take full advantage of it. This is one of the most beautiful ways to use Bi-fold doors. When it’s perfect weather, you can remove an entire wall to make the most of the sunshine and cool sea breeze, and even when it’s not the best conditions outside, you’ll have an unobstructed view of the reason you’re still in your PJ’s watching Netflix in bed.


Why Choose Aluminium Bi-fold Doors Over Timber or PVC?

Aluminium is becoming the material of choice for many bi-fold door installers because it is both practical and extremely versatile. The benefits of selecting aluminium bi-fold doors for your next project are numerous.

Aluminium has been shown to withstand years of use because it is strong and won’t warp, bend or stretch like PVC or wood. And like PVC, aluminium bi-fold doors also come in a wide range of colours. The difference? Aluminium bi-fold doors won’t fade with fluctuations in weather or exposure to sunlight.

Aluminium is also ideal for installing in larger entrances because the strength of the frame can support a larger sheet of glass. Areas that are prone to heavy traffic will also benefit as aluminium bi-fold doors come in finishes that won’t scratch or dent making them perfect for installation in both homes and businesses

Not only are aluminium bi-fold doors able to support larger panels, but they also come in a variety of sizes. For a more contemporary & sleek look in your home or business, choose the smaller 45 mm frames. These create slimmer more delicate lines and provide for a smaller stacking space that elevates the quality of your design.

Bifold Vs Sliding Doors

Bifold or Sliding doors? It’s a common question and one that we hear a lot within the renovation space.

Here are our thoughts:

  • View
    • A Bi-fold will give a clearer view whilst opened, but a slightly more obscured view when closed.
  • Space
    • Sliding doors physically take up less room due to how they open. However, when fully open, don’t allow seamless movement from one room to another
  • Configuration
    • Which options you CAN use very much depends on both the nature of the room and the building.
  • Glazing options
    • despite the vast difference in glass size, the options are very similar.
  • Ventilation
    • Bifold, given its vast opening capabilities again will create significantly better ventilation than a sliding door.

Let’s get to the point; A Bifold or sliding door fully installed is not going to be pocket change. However, the bifold is more expensive. In many cases, however, their lifetime advantages in terms of opening up the inside to the outside of the house, making the home seem significantly larger, more accessible and more welcoming just greatly outweigh the variation in a one-time cost.

Colour Swatches

Customisable Aluminium Bifold Door Colours

Our aluminium bifold doors are available in 12 different colour options, which are guaranteed to suit your home perfectly. We can even provide custom colours if you don’t find something that you love.

Download the PDF featuring all of our latest colour options >>

Pearl White
White Birch
Surf Mist
Ultra Silver
Woodland Grey
Hammersley Brown

Aluminium Bifold Configuration options to suit your needs

BetaView’s bifolds are available in a range of different styles & configurations to suit your space requirements and personal preferences. Choose from configurations with dual folding door panels, or combine the door with other moving or fixed panels to allow for a wider thoroughfare and more air and sunshine into your home.

Popular configurations include*:


Expert Bifold Door Installation Anywhere in Sydney

BetaView gives you the option of both a supply-only and supply and install service. Supply-only is ideal for those who already have a professional builder who they prefer to work with, or who are competent door installers themselves. Our bifold doors must be installed by a qualified professional to ensure that they are durable and weatherproof. Supply and install is ideal if you want a complete solution from us – including manufacture, delivery, installation by our highly qualified licensed builders, and a full clean up at the end.

Learn more about our window installation service.

Supply Only Supply & Installation
Premium aluminium windows and doors manufactured to order at our Sydney factory Yes Yes
Professional installation team - qualified window specialists and members of the Australian Window Association, Master Builders Association and HIA - Yes
Accurate lead times – to assist with your planning Yes Yes
Consultation – to discuss and understand your specific requirements - Yes
Check Measure – to ensure everything is manufactured to the exact size - Yes
Installation supervisor - to manage and coordinate all areas of the work from manufacture to install and service - Yes
10 year warranty covering all installation related workmanship - Yes
3 Year warranty on all moving parts - Yes
Tidy and rubbish removal including disposal of your old windows - Yes
Delivery Yes Yes
Public liability cover Yes Yes

BiFold Doors Prices

The Most Common Question – How much do bifold doors cost?

Clearly we all know that its a premium product and more expensive than a basic sliding door. But everyone’s burning question is how much do bifold doors cost in Sydney and can I afford it?

The example that Dave uses in his Video is a 2,400mm wide opening. If we were to quote the supply and installation of our most economic product to fill that void, it would be a Sliding Door. If we were to quote the supply and install of a Bi-fold door to go in that same void, we’d roughly be quoting around an additional 100%. Depending on your preconceptions you’re either surprised by how reasonable that is or horrified by the variance.

Lets weigh up your options:


  • It will absolutely create a massive feature in your home.
  • You will be able to make better use of your space.
  • It will absolutely add value to your home.
  • Personally – this is my biggest factor – You will live with the outcome of this decision for decades to come. A few additional thousand in costs here would be repaid massively over that time.


  • It will cost you more money!

Its a fairly simple decision – providing the Bi-fold is infect the best choice. As Dave states, there are also available:

  • Stacker Doors
  • French Doors

Still Not Sure?

If you’re unsure of what to do, be sure to contact our friendly team. Or feel free to stop by for a obligation free coffee and chat at our showroom and see these options first hand for yourself.

Alternatively you can find out how much aluminium windows and doors cost in our handy guide.

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