What is Double Glazing?

Double Glazing is considered the highest performing energy-efficient glass on the current market. It is the common term for an insulated glass unit (IGU) which combines two glass panels separated by air, or more commonly a gas such as argon. As the double glazed panel is thicker than single glazing, it needs to be fitted into a deeper product to house it. BetaView’s double glazed windows have 100mm deep frames, and the panels are filled with Argon to further increase their thermal performance.

Double glazing Insulated Glass Units Parameters

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Thermal Benefits

Currently, the majority of Australian homes have single glazed windows. These will more than likely have a single glass pane 3mm or 4mm thick. As much as 87% of the heat gained during summer and 49% of the heat lost during winter can come from windows.

Warmer in Winter

The loss of heat through a double glazed window unit can be over 54% less than a single glazed window. You can further improve the potential double glazed window performance by having one of the sides of the unit made from a high-performance glass, such as LowE. Such a configuration offers a potential improvement of 70% less heat loss than single glazing.

Cooler in Summer

Double glazed windows help keep the cold temperatures out in winter but this thermal barrier has a big impact on the temperature in your home in summer, making it noticeably cooler. Double glazing assists in reducing the heat transmitted by the sun’s rays. This temperature reduction benefit in summer can be greater than 50%.

Lower Electricity Bills

With less loss of heat in winter and a cooler home in summer, you won’t have to rely so much on air conditioning, which means reduced energy bills and a lower carbon footprint. Read more about the energy efficiency benefits of double glazing on our blog.

Double Glazing as a Sound Barrier

Double glazing offers sound reduction benefits. It is best at reducing medium to high-frequency noise, such as voices. Acoustic seals along with acoustic layers within the glass allow the glass panes – and the space between them – to absorb more sound energy than single glazing. In addition to voices, double glazed windows are also a sound barrier for traffic and other external noise.

There are other ways that you can reduce noise with glazing. BetaView has had a number of projects where we have used 10.38mm laminated glass and it has been a great solution.

When considering sound reduction the type of window you specify has a big potential impact on potential noise reduction. For example, the louvre window offers poor sound reduction, as it can only have single non-laminate glazing. The best window for noise reduction is the awning window. They can be double glazed and also has a seal around all four edges of the opening sash, when you close the window with the chain winder, it creates a tight acoustic seal.

Although double glazing is considered the highest performer of all the glass options available, it’s important to understand your choices. LowE glass can often provide a good level of thermal performance and at the same time do so at less cost than double glazing. The reason for this is that LowE glass is a single sheet of glass with a special coating on the inside surface.

Condensation Benefits

In winter, warm moist air inside your home hitting the glass of a cold single-glazed window will form condensation.

Double glazing greatly reduces the chance of condensation forming. The reason for this is due to the improved insulation from the cold outside air, the inner glass panel is closer to room temperature, therefore when the moist air inside the house hits the glass it doesn’t condense.

Increased Security

Double glazing provides improved security over single glazing. The use of laminate glass on one of the sides of the double glazed window will further increase security.

Increase the resale value of your home

In addition to the above benefits, double glazed windows will increase the value and saleability of your property.

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For further information on how to choose the right glass for your property, see our guide to glass in windows and doors or our infographic on how to choose glass.

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