Function and Drama: What Bi-Fold Doors Were Made For

Do you have a spectacular view of the city, a lovely garden or patio or even an outdoor landscape? Do you get the feeling that your existing doorways to these areas are simply not conveying the true impact of the view? Transform the look and feel of your home and incorporate aluminium bifold doors.

Sydney and other local area residents like yourself have nice yards, outdoor living spaces and more but these areas are not being enjoyed to their fullest potential. Step outside of your comfort zone and consider bi fold doors. They provide one of the best ways that you can enjoy both outdoor and indoor living.

Basic Design

Bi-fold doors are one of the best ways to allow a homeowner to maximise a large width doorway. These special doors can be configured to integrate multiple door panels, typically two to eight, depending on the width of your doorway. Depending on the configuration they either stack to one or both sides.

what are bi-fold doors

Highlighted Use

While aluminium sliding doors are often recognised by homeowners looking to renovate their home, they are not the best option when you have a wide space to fill. On the other hand, in places like Sydney, bi-fold doors are not considered, even when small modifications could be made to accommodate them. For instance, if you already have a sliding glass door along one wall and the wall also includes a row of windows, this situation lends itself to a few modifications like removing the windows and sliding glass door and replacing them all with bi-fold doors.

The great thing about bi-folds is that they are an excellent way to create a dramatic connection between an indoor space and an outdoor space. Perhaps your master bedroom, dining room or living room offers a large patio or veranda area just outside. The bi-fold doors can truly open up your indoor space and make it appear the outside area is also a part of it. If you enjoy an open floor plan, this option can be a reality during your next home renovation.

During those wonderfully beautiful days, you can open your bi-fold doors and enjoy fresh air. And during bad weather days, you can easily close them up but still revel in nature’s beauty safely from behind the glass. Consider these doors with a contemporary feel when you ready to make a dramatic change in your home.