Aluminium Windows and Doors – Facts About Aluminium and Why It Is a Great Choice

Did you know that aluminium is the most common metal element on our planet? It is also the third most common element found after oxygen and silicon. Number thirteen on the periodic table, aluminium comprises about eight percent of the Earth’s crust. It is not found free in nature though and must be combined with other elements in order to be used in a variety of ways. Examining your daily life, you will find aluminium employed everywhere from the foil you use in the kitchen to aluminium doors and windows.

facts about aluminium


Aluminium is non-magnetic and lightweight which is not surprising as it is one-third the density of steel. This element helps create resilient, heavy-duty alloys that can be used in many industries. In fact, the alloys created can often meet or exceed the strength of steel. It is no mystery that aluminium alloys are used in the aerospace, construction, automotive manufacturing, and packaging and transportation industries. Flexibility is another asset aluminium offers, depending on the mixture of compounds. This would explain the flexible, sturdiness of paper clips and even twist ties on breads and other baked goods.


In certain forms, aluminium does not greatly resemble the alloys used in windows and doors. For instance, this element is not toxic which makes it a good choice for a wide range of consumable products such as kitchen implements like utensils and disposable pans and food packaging like foil. As part of compounds, aluminium is often a component of paint manufacturing, a reagent in creating explosives and even in personable consumables like deodorant and antacids.

The pharmaceutical industry also employs aluminium in some applications. Because it helps prevent bacteria growth and blocks light and oxygen, this element is a good choice for the packaging of medications. At some point, you have probably purchased medications in tablet or capsule form that had to be popped out of a foil-encased sheet.

Applications for the Home

The element aluminium is not easily dissolvable in water. It is also resistant to liquids, various climates and everyday gases found in the air we breathe. These particular properties make it especially beneficial in certain home décor applications such as aluminium sliding doors, aluminium windows and much more. You can count on your windows and doors made from aluminium to be quite durable and resistant to the elements in the long run, making them a good investment for your home.

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