Category: Energy Efficiency

11 Proven Home Improvements for Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Home energy prices can go up and down, changing from season to season and year to year. One month, the cost of keeping your home warm seems very…

How Much Can You Expect to Save from Energy-Efficient Windows?

Every year, Australians waste millions of total dollars in energy loss. Drafty windows, old door seals, poor insulation, and inefficient roof coverings are just a few of the…

Energy Efficient Glass Windows: Everything You Need to Know

By reducing the sun’s glare in the warmer months and helping to heat the interior during winter, energy efficient glass will assist you in maximising energy efficiency. Around…

Aluminium windows and doors – Are they an energy efficient option for your home?

One of the questions we get asked frequently here at BetaView is: “are aluminium windows and doors energy efficient?” The answer is a little bit of a complex…

Aluminium Windows and Doors – Facts About Aluminium and Why It Is a Great Choice

Did you know that aluminium is the most common metal element on our planet? It is also the third most common element found after oxygen and silicon. Number…

Greening Your Home: The Secret to Health, Wealth and Well-being

Could you imagine living in a world without plants?  Considering that plants are such an integral part of everyday life, probably not.  After all, a world without trees,…

5 Ingredients For a Greener, Cleaner Home

Ever stop and think about the cleaning products that you use?  Most cleaning products are petroleum based, which means that they are not only bad for the environment,…

Aluminium Windows and Doors: The Key to Increasing Natural Light in Your Home

People have been worshiping the sun for thousands of years.  The ancient Egyptians and Mayans built temples dedicated to the sun.  The Native Americans and Australian Aborigines revered…

10 Energy Efficient Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

Summer in Sydney, it doesn’t get any better than this!  As Sydneysiders, we are fortunate to live in one of the most comfortable and temperate climates in the…

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