12 Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

Aluminium stacker doors and sliding windows are rated top of the line when it comes to home security.  But, even the most secure exterior opening solutions won’t deter a determined home intruder from trying their hand on your home.

Fortunately, most attempted home burglaries are done by amateurs.  By following even a few of these tips, you’ll greatly increase the odds of thwarting a would-be break-in whether at home or away on holiday.

Lose your Keys?  Change the locks!

We mean it!  If you have lost your keys, make sure to change your locks immediately.  You might think that even if you don’t have your keys labeled with your address that no one will know where you live.  But, you never know, so why risk it?!

This tip also applies if you are moving into a new home.  The fact is, you don’t know who might have a spare copy of the keys to your new house and this should be one of the first things on your agenda when moving in.

aluminium stacker doors

Keep sliding doors secure

Our aluminium stacking doors come with full security features to keep your home safe.  If you have older doors, keep them secure by using a Charlie bar or consider installing new aluminium stacker doors.  These are valuable investments that could save your home.

Install an alarm system

It’s always a good idea to install an alarm system, especially if you and your family travel a lot.  However, there’s no need to advertise it.  Many people paste up a sticker advertising the security system that protects their home.  This could be just the information that a professional thief needs to know in order to bypass the system and make his way in.

Conceal wiring

If a potential burglar knows that you have a security system, one of the easiest ways to disarm your home is to cut the wiring.  Make sure that you conceal all exterior wiring to make it harder, if not impossible for them to find.

Use Laminated Glass

Whether you’ve installed aluminium stacking doors, bi-fold doors or aluminium sliding windows, one way to make sure that your home is theft proof is to install laminated glass.  Anywhere there are large glass panels such as your aluminium stacker doors or bifold doors is a great place to do this.  Most stacker doors use tempered glass, however, laminated glass has a thin sheet of plastic sealed between the sheets of glass.  This makes the glass extremely hard to break through and will often buy enough time for law enforcement to catch the thief before he can make it into your home.

Make your home appear occupied

Install a timer on your lights and television to make your home appear occupied while you are away.  Keep your car parked in your driveway or ask a neighbor to park their car there periodically during your absence.  Thieves often case out their targets before they strike and this might be all it takes to make your home look like an unsavory quest.

Don’t leave your key in the mailbox

Leaving your keys in the mailbox is one of the most common mistakes that people make.  If you are worried that you might forget your keys and lock yourself out (yes, it happens to the best of us!) wrap your key in foil and bury it somewhere safe in your backyard.

This same bit of advice goes for leaving keys under welcome mats and fake rocks.  If you intend to leave a key for a friend or family member to take care of pets while you are away, your best bet is to give it to them in person.

Keep your entrance lit

An unlit entrance is like a big sign that says “no one’s home”.  Not only that, but keeping your entrance unlit is unsafe.  Make sure that all exterior lighting is working and that the front of your house is well lit.  It will be more welcoming to your guests and a big turn off to those who aren’t invited.

Use interior door hinges

This tip applies to all exterior doors that lead into your home.  Installing doors with hinges on the outside makes it easy for even an amateur thief to make his way into your home.  Of course, for doors leading out to your pool or patio, a set of high quality aluminium stacker doors are a great option for safety and security.

Keep your bushes trimmed

Make sure that your landscaping is up to date.  Keeping the bushes and foliage around your home landscaped isn’t just for aesthetic purposes!  Making sure that your yard is clean and free of overgrown foliage eliminates places where potential intruders can hide and gain access.

Install a motion detector

One of the most cost effective and efficient ways to keep your home safe is to install a motion detector and floodlight.  Install it in areas where a thief is most likely to lurk such as; areas that are adjacent to alleyways, the side of your home where there is more foliage and your backyard.

The motion detector can be set to detect movement within a certain distance (usually 10 meters or so) and the floodlight will immediately come on with even the slightest movement.  Oftentimes, this is more than enough to deter a break in.

Keep your toys out of sight

Just get a new home entertainment system?  A motorbike or a nice new car?  Don’t advertise your toys to everyone who passes by.  If you’ve just purchased some fancy electronics for your home, keep them away from the windows and don’t leave the boxes sitting out near the trash for days.  If you are leaving on holiday, it’s always a good idea to keep your motorized toys tucked away in the garage and out of sight where they belong.

If safety and security are important to you, then we urge you to call us today at (02) 9623-5611.  Here at Betaview, we install only the highest quality, safety rated aluminium stacker doors, bi-fold doors and sliding windows in the Greater Sydney metro area.

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