4 Interesting Uses for Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows offer a classic design with unparalleled versatility. It’s easy to think of windows as just a small opening in the wall for you to look out of, but we’ve got a few ideas to make the humble sliding window a stand out design feature for your home.

#1 – Kitchen Serving Window

Installing a serving window from the kitchen to the living room or outdoor area adds a great restaurant feel to your home, while blocking some noise to the entertaining area. Custom-fit the window to your kitchen dividing wall and then use it for easily passing food and beverages to your guests (or kids playing waiter!) If you’ve got a backyard pool, it’s a great way to stop the procession of wet feet as pool-goers emerge to visit the snack cupboard.


#2 – Pool Bar Window

Speaking of pools, why not create your own resort theme at your home with a pool bar? Providing poolside access to beverages and snacks is a dream come true. Keeping the area clean and unchlorinated, not so dreamy. Installing a sliding window to your pool bar adds a clever way of keeping the area free from excess water, while still allowing easy access to serve your guests and family. It also provides another level of security to the bar and provides an area to watch over young ones in the pool.


#3 – Ensuite Connecting Window

You may have seen this trend in new modern homes, or perhaps at a luxury hotel recently, but connecting the ensuite bathroom to the bedroom via a window has some great benefits. You can use an occasional table on the bedroom side to rest your book, tablet, and a glass of wine to keep them safe and waterfree, or view the bedroom television from the bath and catch up on your Netflix in absolute comfort without the risk of installing a TV in the bathroom.

#4 – Amazing Doggy Door | Betaview Sliding Windows

Ok, so perhaps a bit ridiculous, but imagine you could do away with the ugly plastic flapping doggy door and give Fido a stylish new entrance to the home. There are fancy groomers, people roasting chicken dinners for their fur babies, so really an Aluminium Sliding Window for your favourite child (we won’t tell the others) isn’t such a stretch is it? Apart from looking far better than the norm, you can lock it up at night, keep out insects, keep the inside temperature stable, and watch the cute little apology face through the glass when they’ve been banished for relieving themselves somewhere they shouldn’t have.


So the above ideas may not be for everyone, but that’s OK, we’re the experts in all Aluminium Doors & Windows for regular, and irregular home uses. If you’ve got an interesting way to use a sliding window, then get in touch with our friendly team today to arrange your complimentary consultation.

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