5 Great Sources of Renovation Inspiration

Depending on the prevalence of your inner reno warrior, home renovations can be simultaneously exciting and terrifying. With such a wide variety of websites, magazines, blogs, and brands crowding your thoughts, it’s easy to fall down the seemingly bottomless rabbit hole of the renovation world. Luckily though, your friendly neighbourhood Betaview Blog is here to help. We may specialise in aluminium doors & windows, but we care about what those windows peer into and what the doors open to reveal , so here’s some helpful blogs and websites to ignite your inspiration, fill you with confidence, and get the ideas rolling.

Top Blogs & Websites

Blogs are great way of getting a personal view on ideas and visions for your home renovations, from a range of writers from DIY enthusiasts to seasoned experts. They can offer a wealth of knowledge, clever tips and tricks, and are generally brand neutral. Here are some of our favourite blogs for you to explore.

Darling Street

Darling Street offers a huge range of tips, tricks, and ideas to help with your renovations. Penny, the author, has a down-to-earth way of writing and provides all the info you need, without the jargon. As an added bonus, she’s documented her personal home renovation with tonnes of progress shots.

Reno Addict & Interior Addict

Reno Addict & Interior Addict are great sites, covering everything from basics to specific niches and all the contributors are professional and experienced renovation and design experts.


Jen Bishop & Olivia Shead – Reno Addict & Interior Addict

Architecture & Design

Architectureanddesign.com offers a somewhat encyclopedic inventory of everything you could possibly think of when building or renovating. Unlike the blogs above, this site features a lot of articles for industry news, and the wider building & design community. It’s equally good at giving you ideas and satiating the inner architect in all of us.

The Design Files

The Design Files blog is incredibly popular, as it details hundreds of actual renovations. A few minutes on the site and you’ll find not only a wealth of ideas and inspiration but you’ll more than likely find a similar home to yours, giving you a very personal look at what’s possible in your space.


Yellowtrace is another great resource for inspiration and design ideas. Focussed more around interior design and design lifestyle & culture. Featuring numerous national and international publications, the Yellowtrace site offers a diverse range of interior ideas from around the world.


Dana Tomić Hughes – Tellowtrace

Contact the Aluminium Door & Window Experts

A few clicks through these sites should help give you some great design ideas, budgeting tips, and renovation shortcuts. All have a different flavour and style, so offer a diverse range of topics and designs from local touches to global trends. When it’s time to delve into specifics, explore our very own Betaview Blog, full of advice and information on aluminium doors and windows. We cover everything you need to know about aluminium, types of doors & windows, tips on measuring and choosing the right solution, as well some interesting articles about our industry.

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