6 Scenarios That Need Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows offer great versatility of airflow & security and are a very popular option when it comes to choosing new windows for your home. Their styling suits both modern and traditional styled homes and the range of sizes available make them suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Below we’ve outlined 3 reasons to choose double hung windows.

Houses with small children

One of the most common reasons we see double hung windows installed in homes is for their superior safety and flexibility in the opening. Our double hung windows allow you to lock the position of the opening anywhere within the range of the window. For example, it’s possible to maximise airflow by opening both the top & the bottom of the window, but you can lock the lower half low enough to stop the little ones from being able to climb out. This makes them ideal for large living areas and bathrooms where ventilation and safety are equal priorities.


Let light and air into the room, even a bathroom, with double hung windows. Image source.

Above low furniture

Using double hung windows above low sitting furniture is a great way to make adjusting airflow and temperature as easy as possible. Use the bathroom above a bath to create an easy ventilation point, either to get the steam out (if the sauna vibe’s not for you) or to allow warm air in or keep the cold air out. Try them above the sofa for easy to reach and use ventilation, when the other windows or doors are just far enough away to question your commitment to fresh air. They’re also great to use above kitchen counters, for ease of use, or as a kitchen serving window.


Image source.

Allowing great airflow & light into a room.

Double hung windows can be tailored to fit from floor to ceiling, so if you’re considering how to open up your living room, for example, consider places one or multiple double hung windows in place of some sections of the wall. Doing so not only allows a huge increase in the ingress of natural light, it allows for sections of your wall to open and allow beautiful cross breezes in those summer months.

Space saving

If your windows will look out to an outdoor entertaining area, a garden, or simply an area that you don’t want to encroach on space, double hung windows are ideal.  Sharing this similarity with sliding windows, they do not take up any space outside the opening, meaning that you have a clean look that maximises your surrounding spaces. It also allows you to place items of furniture, art, or plants in front of them necessary.

Replacing wooden sash windows

If your home has wooden sash windows that need replacing, perhaps due to warping, then double hung windows offer an incredible solution, that features a similar style of opening. Since they’re aluminium, they won’t warp, rust, or lose their form, plus they have the added benefit of being fire-rated. Furthermore, the double windows from BetaView provide a sleek and modern aesthetic that can revamp older properties and even weatherboard homes.

Very tall and/or narrow openings

The range in height & width options available with double hung windows make them ideal for existing areas that need some rejuvenation, or for potential areas where other window styles are not practical. As they slide vertically, they are optimal as space saving window solutions. Combining double hung windows with other window styles, like louvre or sliding windows can also make an area more practical and aesthetically unique.


Image source.

Can you relate to the above?

BetaView offers tailor made, expertly crafted, and professionally installed aluminium double hung windows. Simply get in touch via our online enquiry form, call us on 1300 938 758, or visit our Brookvale showroom at 15 Dale Street, to experience BetaView for yourself.

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