Great aluminium door and window options for small and large Sydney balconies

When you have a balcony at home, it’s no surprise that you’d want to maximise the view, the amount of light entering the adjacent room, and of course, the ease with which you can move between your indoor and outdoor space. Even if you don’t want to have a door spanning the full width of the balcony, many people opt for combining their aluminium doors with adjacent windows, resulting in a full floor-to-ceiling glass look that’s stylish and modern.

But which styles of aluminium doors and windows should you opt for? Well, it depends on the style of your home, and the size of balcony or patio that you have. So for today’s post, we’ve gone through a number of different window styles, and outlined the types of which tend to work best for small balconies, and which work best for larger outdoor areas.


Ideal windows and doors for small balconies

If you only have a small balcony at your home or apartment, you’ll want to choose windows and doors which sit flush with the wall when they’re open, with minimal extrusions, as these can take up unnecessary space that could otherwise be used for outdoor furniture or the all-important BBQ.

Opt for:

  • Double hung windows – These windows sit flush with the wall when open and closed, so they’re perfect for small balconies with limited space as there are minimal extrusions.
  • Sliding windows – A space-efficient and convenient window style, sliding windows can be combined with a fixed panel of glass underneath if you’d like to maximise your glass surface area. They can also be installed with fly screens, so you can leave the windows open to let some air in, without having to open the balcony doors as well.
  • Louvre windows – These can be configured so that the windows span from ceiling to the floor, which will allow you to achieve that full glass look.
  • Sliding doors – Similar to sliding windows, sliding doors won’t swing open and impede on your space. Sliding doors are one of the most popular options for balconies, as they can be opened as much or as little as you like, and can be configured to create a full-width doorway out to the balcony, without having to combine with any windows if you don’t want to.


  • Awning windows – Awning windows may not always be the best option for small balconies, as they limit space when open. Also, bear in mind safety, as manoeuvring between an open window and balustrading may be dangerous.
  • Bifold windows – While boasting an impressive design, the folded leaves may impede on your balcony area and a sliding or stacker door could be a better option.
  • French doors – French doors can be difficult for a small balcony. While we all love that dramatic and whimsical image of sheer white curtains blowing in the breeze around a set of open French doors, this style of door is best left for slightly larger balconies and homes.

Ideal windows and doors for larger balconies, patios and verandas

Larger balconies obviously give you a lot more flexibility in terms of the window and door styles you can choose from. That being said, it’s still important to choose a space-efficient design so you can maximise that nice big space, and leave plenty of room for décor, pot plants, furniture, and of course, your guests when you’re entertaining.

Opt for:

  • Bifold doors – Bifold doors can allow you to turn entire balcony into a grand doorway to the outdoors, maximising the full width of the opening. Just be sure to configure the doors so that they stack and fold in the most efficient way. Speak to your window or door company about this as they can advise on the best available configurations.
  • Louvre windows – Louvre windows are also a great option for larger balconies. Multiple sections of louvre windows can be placed side by side, and can even be installed above the balcony doors if there’s enough height in the ceiling.
Louvre windows above door

Example of louvre windows installed above doors.


  • Awning windows – Again, awning windows can impede on the space of a balcony or veranda, so they’re best left to areas of the home where there’s no risk of someone bumping into them as they’re walking past.

For personalised advice on which types of windows and doors would be best for your particular balcony design and size, feel free to contact us today, and an expert consultant can give you the best recommendations.

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