What Doors and Windows are Best For Your Renovation Project?


Windows and doors are an element of renovation that you absolutely have to get right. Doors are access points, security measures, and they make a statement about your design choices for the home.

Windows are also important for security and design, but unlike doors, they can be the sole conduit of natural light in a room.

For this reason, we’ll take you through what you should consider when extending your kitchen, upgrading your bathroom, or opening up the hall.

Extend Your Kitchen

When renovating your kitchen space it is essential to think about how you are going to use the room. Start by asking yourself some key questions:

  • What lifestyle is your kitchen supporting?
  • How often do you entertain guests?
  • Are family dinners held in an adjoining dining area?
  • Does your family gather on the back veranda or patio?
  • What is the level of connection you want with the outside?

Once you’ve sorted out the end goal, you can begin to look at doors and windows.

If you have a smaller kitchen but would still like natural light gushing in for that airy feel, the iconic sliding window will suit smaller spaces.

The aluminium door counterpart is of particular benefit to families with smaller children, providing a simple and secure gateway to your backyard. Complete with a fly screen to let in the summer breeze, it’ll also keep out those pesky mosquitoes.

For anyone who enjoys entertaining or throwing a party, aluminium bi-fold doors and windows could be your preferred solution. By transforming large and unused wall spaces into an entry to your backyard or awning, you can combine indoor and outdoor spaces effortlessly. This will also help you interact with guests as you whip up a meal!. That’s a twofold benefit in one bi-fold serve.

Watch this video to learn how a Sydney homeowner recently maximised her kitchen space with the smart use of windows:

Upgrade Your Bathroom

Renovating a bathroom space is usually either an aesthetic choice or comes down to utility. Burst or aged pipes can warrant a complete bathroom renovation, or outdated decor might demand a facelift if you’re looking to increase the value of your home.

Whatever the reason, consider what would you actually like to improve about the room as you’re choosing doors and windows for the project:

  • Light: Bathrooms, particularly in older homes, bathrooms can be tiny spaces or tacked onto a corner of the house
  • Security: Windows which leave a wide gap when left open can pose a security risk if you intend to let the fresh air in over night, or air out the house while running errands.
  • Ventilation: It’s important to have windows that allow natural air into a bathroom, to avoid moisture build up from showers, and eventual mould growth.
  • Design: Outdated designs and materials can devalue the space to real estate agents and prospective buyers.

Fixed with glass shutters, louvre windows are impressive in design and can tick the points mentioned above. A lever allows for customised opening angles, providing maximum light and ventilation. Smaller bathrooms will feel bigger and larger ones will simply look better. You might also like the slick design of the double hung window, with restriction capabilities that will be of benefit to families with small children.

An aluminium louvre window is great for bathroom upgrades, as it will achieve the desired result for the homeowner who wants to sell, or improve for their own use.

Open Up Your Hall


Halls are often overlooked in home improvement projects. The time spent in them is usually traveling between the spaces where we actually live out our lives. No home renovation would be complete, however, without taking a look at the arteries that allow your home to thrive with activity.

The door or window you choose for your hall should depend on its location within the home:

  • Front Halls: The entrance to your home is where you’ll want to make the best first impressions possible to visitors, or potential buyers if you’re trying to sell.

  • Back Halls: If opening onto a back garden or pool area, taking advantage of light and space will create a hall that puts your outdoor efforts on display for those insides. For balconies, taking advantage of scenic views should be a priority.

  • Side Halls: There’s much more to be done with a side hall than getting a better view of your neighbour’s wall. Let the sun, moon and stars light up your passage or the fresh summer breeze cool the space with a new window.

Back halls can be elevated to grandeur with the addition of a French door. Because they can be customised to swing outward or inward, they can be used for a variety of settings. Balconies will attain a terrace aesthetic, and gardens will feel like an extension of the interior space.

Side hall windows are entirely dependent on your aim. To let in more light a louvre or sliding window will be great options. If you have pets or smaller children who will be using the thoroughfare, a double hung window will provide extra security to keep them safe.

Choose Your View

Think about what you want to achieve, who is going to use your space, and any special requirements that might be needed to ensure their safety.

Also, think about these factors if you’re about to sell or lease. You might not have children, but if your suburb is a popular spot for families or young couples a child and pet-safe house will be much more marketable.

If you’d like to learn more about home renovation or are interested in a new door or window, contact the friendly team at BetaView today.  We offer free on-site consultation and quotes.

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