La Maison Jolie’s Rani Engineer Interview

Today we chat with Rani Engineer, the creative director behind the blog, La Maison Jolie. Rani’s a passionate interior designer, stylist and blogger whose penchant for DIY design and craft projects has allowed her to gain a great following online. We were lucky to grab a few minutes with Rani to get her design and decorating advice, how she uses aluminium doors and windows in her home, and to see what she’ll be up to renovation-wise during the colder months.

What are your top design tips for winter?

Play with textures and textiles and layer them to create a warm and inviting haven in your home during the winter. A natural jute or sisal rug, chunky cable knit throws and plaid cushion covers are perfect for creating a cosy ambience. Add natural wooden furniture or accessories to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Colours such as grey, tan, charcoal offset with blush pink, navy and mustard are perfect to beat the winter blues!


Image source – Lindsay Marcella.

What design/decoration ideas should people avoid this winter?

Avoid the instinct to match everything! Avoid decorating everything in one colour, or shades of the same colour or pattern.

Do you have any renovation projects coming up? If so, what?

I’m currently renovating my guestroom and converting it into a playroom/study. Also on the cards are a mini kitchen and backyard reno.

What are some simple design/decorating tips that everyone can incorporate at home?

Some simple and easy decorating tips that everyone can incorporate at home are:

  • Use artwork to add interest to your walls.
  • Layer textures starting from walls, beds, couches and floors.
  • Repurpose or upcycle a piece of furniture and turn it into a show stopper!
  • Window dressing is important!
  • Don’t go OTT – instead, inject pops of colour and carry it through the house for a seamless flow.
  • Lastly when decorating your home don’t be afraid to experiment. Over the years I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff. You can always change it, move it or repaint it!


Check out these awesome DIY wooden log decor pieces that Rani created.

What’s your favourite room in your home and why? (design-wise)

Every room in our home has been a labour of love and tells a story, however, the nursery would have to be my most favourite room. It has a wonderful whimsical ambience. It has a gorgeous paintable wallpapered feature wall. The colour palette is neutral but uplifting with sunny muted pinks and soft grey and the hot air balloon light pendant was a very special DIY project.

Do you use aluminium doors or windows in your home?

Yes, we have both aluminium doors and windows in our home. They are strong and don’t rust or warp making them a great investment. You can also turn them into a design feature. White walls with black frames make quite the design statement!

What’s your favourite way to use light in a room?

Lighting is a critical part of interior design and decor. Mood lighting is a great way to create an inviting atmosphere. I like warm white energy efficient LEDs. There are so many creative ways to use lights. LED strip lighting under cabinetry or in the bathroom is always amazing to have!


What do you think are the most important things to consider before starting a renovation?

Optimum use of natural light, cross ventilation, flooring and wall paint should always be on the checklist when it comes to renovating your entire home or just a room.

A big thank you to Rani for her time and great tips and advice! Make sure you check out La Maison Jolie, and keep up to date with Rani on Facebook and Instagram.

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