Not Your Typical Home Decor Ideas

Are you looking for creative, imaginative ideas to improve your home – either on the inside or the outside? You’ve come to the right place! Read on for some fun and helpful ideas that’ll have you dragging out the paint brushes, visiting the nearest flea market and re-vamping your place quicker than a flash.

Fun and attractive ways of adding seating

The basic yet ingenious structure of the seat, or bench, means that there are, literally, thousands of ways of getting creative with it. For a fun idea, how about building your very own surfboard bench? It’s just perfect for poolside seating. All you have to do is find an unwanted board (hint: make sure it’s definitely unwanted and not someone’s favourite!), construct a supporting frame and voilà! You have a new place to sit, read, sun bake and practice your balancing skills.


Surfboard Benches


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For a more conservative option, consider repurposing, ‘reclaiming’ or ‘upcycling’ furniture by hunting down an old outdoor setting and give it a makeover. Try the local flea market or nearest second-hand shop. First, you’ll need to give it a thorough clean – a high-pressure water hose is your best bet. The next step is sanding. Then replace any worn-out screws and/or joints. Finally, add a stain that’s just the right colour for your home. To add a personal touch, whip up some cushions out of recycled materials.

For upcycling inspiration, check out and Upcycle That.

Pulling out the paint brushes

A little bit of paint can go a long way, and that doesn’t just apply to walls. A dash of colour here or there can give a room a whole new lease on life. Let’s start with the small details. Consider spray-painting your doorknobs, chandeliers and bathroom fixtures. If you’re lacking any of the above, simply pop to the nearest second hand shop or market and keep your eye out for the perfect find.

Next, let’s consider the bigger picture. Are you happy with your walls or could they do with a dose of improvement? Rather than painting the entire house the same colour, think about deciding on a palette but then varying the shade slightly from room to room. For a fun or striking addition, add an accent wall or trim. Painting an entire wall or a section of one, just for decoration’s sake, is a bit like adding your very own artwork to your house! It’s easy to feel intimidated at such a prospect, but the idea is to enjoy it. So, take things slow if you need to, and plan carefully before getting started.

Jazzing up the floor

Whatever kind of interior you’re envisioning for your home – be it elegant, playful or eclectic – you can be pretty much guaranteed that there’s a floor to match. For a bold, stunning entry, consider parquet. If you go DIY, it’s hard work, but definitely worth it. For rustic, wooden floors, add a paint job. Yes, a paint job of your own design – kind of like an artwork that you can walk on. For something more picturesque, consider mosaic – either everywhere or as a feature.

If you have recently undertaken a home decor update and would like to share it with us, tell us all about it in the comments!

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