Playing dress up with your windows

If you’re planning on making some style updates to your home this year, one project that will really allow you to exercise your artistic flair is dressing up your windows. Not only is it an exceptionally fun part of decorating your home – after all, there are so many styles, fabrics and colours to choose from – it’s also necessary when it comes to light and temperature control, and privacy.

The type of window and where it is situated will help determine the type of treatment you should choose. For example, if you have a particularly large window in a room that gets cold in winter, it might be sensible to opt for a heavier fabric that will help provide some extra insulation. Of course, your budget will have an impact as well. To help with your final decision making, we’ve taken a look at the variety of window dressing styles available and the advantages of each one.

Drop cloth curtains

Perhaps the most traditional of window dressing styles, drop cloth curtains with their long drapes of fabric are a timeless choice. Perfect for tall windows and French doors (think that ultimate Parisienne vibe), they’ll lend an elegant feel to any room if they’re plain or patterned, and as mentioned above, they’re effective at helping control room temperature.

Drop Cloth Curtains

Roman Shades

For a more structured look you could opt for Roman Shades. These offer a lot of light when they are pulled up and privacy when down, and although they don’t elongate your windows like curtains do (making the room feel larger), they will lend softness in a similar way. Roman shades are a good option if you have awning windows.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds 2


If you consider yourself a minimalist, or the thought of picking out fabric is enough to send you running for the hills, you might want to consider plantation or folding shutters. These will give an earthier feel to a room and are pleasantly low maintenance. They are perfect for most types of windows but given they’re not the cheapest treatment on the market, if you’re on a budget you might want to assess the size of your windows and go from there.

Plantation Shutters


You could start smaller and opt for a valance which is a treatment that sits at the top of the window. If you’re not too concerned about privacy and lighting control, this is a great option for someone looking to add an accent of colour or a touch of texture to the room. A valance can be styled in various different ways, be it pleated, scalloped, ruffled or swag and you won’t have to worry about fabric snags if you have sliding windows!

Window Valance

Wooden blinds

If you’re into contemporary interiors and you’d prefer a modern style of window treatment then wooden blinds could be the perfect solution.  They’ll blend in with just about any type of décor and they’re an affordable way to offer the household more privacy. You’ll find they work best with windows that open vertically like a double hung window that doesn’t have sliding fixtures in danger of getting caught in the slats.

Wooden Blinds


There’s no rule that says you have to choose one type of window treatment – layering your dressing will add depth to the window area as well as letting you experiment with a mixture of patterns and textures. However, it’s important to make sure that you don’t spoil the balance of the room. Make sure you only combine your window treatments if it’s going to complement the rest of your décor.

Combination Window Treatment

No treatment

You might love the design of your windows so much that the best decision for you is no treatment at all. Many people opt for contemporary or extremely practical window designs which perfectly maintain room temperature and light, and if there are no privacy issues to boot, why not let the windows do all the talking? Undressed windows often work well in kitchens and bathrooms where you won’t need to worry about a clammy environment ruining any materials.

No Window Treatment in Bathroom

Keen to have a go at making your own window dressing? Check out these awesome DIY curtains ideas.

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