Are your Products Australian Made?

An Emphatic YES! Our Products are made in SYDNEY

That’s great, but what’s the real value of this to you?

We have been striving to be Sydney’s leading bespoke Window and Door Supplier and Installer since 1986. This has resulted in a rather unique experience for our clients.

Tom and Lynda’s story

Tom and Lynda had renovated their previous house only 4 years ago, but their situation changed and they needed to move. This house needed renovating too.

They were dreading having to go through the same process again – ESPECIALLY for their windows and doors.

Fast forward to a few months ago, they were telling me about their previous experience.

  • The Windows were 3 weeks late, meaning other jobs had to be rescheduled (one of which was so bus, he had to reschedule 4 months out!),
  • When the Windows did finally get there, 2 of them didn’t FIT. So they were returned to the manufacturer, changed, sent back to the house meaning more delays and more rescheduling!
  • The Job was Incomplete! they never sealed  the inside stating it was the carpenter’s job
  • Lastly, their front yard looked like a disaster zone – Only AFTER the job they found out that no rubbish removal was included in the job and what they paid for. The builder was happy to do it, but he quoted $750 for the ‘privilege’!

We hear these stories all the time, however, we hear them after the fact because let’s face it, Windows and Doors are not something you do every day!

At Beteview – your not just a client from when you accept the quote to when we walk out the door at the end of installation- we look at the entire Journey as our ‘product and service’ we sell. This has resulted in a rather unique service that we offer.

To put this in context, let’s discuss Tom and Lynda’s scenarios.

There would have been a 2 stage consultation process prior to any of the above so that they fully understood the options available to them, and so that we could come to their home to understand what they were trying to achieve and make suggestions on which of our products we believe would best meet their needs.

If accepted, we would have then built them in our own workshop here in Sydney. This means ‘no supplier delays’ as we have total control over what happens within our own shop. We also feel like as our product is custom manufactured only to fit in the EXACT hole it’s intended for, there’s a greater level of detail and care taken those who simply use the cookie-cutter style of manufacture.

If however, they didn’t fit, we could drive them back to our factory, make the changes, drive them back and install them. May at most lose a day, but on the exceptionally rare occurrence that it does,  our install team just goes onto the next one and comes back to that one, meaning no real loss of time.

We complete our jobs and when we’re done, we leave your home looking like a home, not a construction site.

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