Productive Procrastination: 4 Youtube Channels to Inspire Renovations

If you’re planning a renovation at the moment, you’ve likely made a new best friend recently named procrastination. Don’t feel too bad though – Renovating can get stressful and watching strangers to endure those stresses for you is far more therapeutic than a decent person would care to mention. But how do you find those shows? We’d wager not by procrastinating, but just in case you’ve surrendered to its siren-like serenades already, we’ve selected a few choice renovation channels that are available for you to binge on enjoy responsibly.

4 Youtube Channels to Inspire Your Renovations

One company that arguably understands the art of procrastination better than anyone is YouTube. Remember that time you were almost productive in your renovation research, or when you just needed to jump online and check emails? YouTube probably ended that enthusiasm only to replace it with an insatiable lust for random cat videos. But if you’re going to procrastinate, you may as well be a little bit, dare we say it, productive. And now that we’ve procrastinated starting this list long enough, here are 4 YouTube channels for renovation inspiration.

Ron Hazelton

With 19,000 subscribers, over 13,000,000 views and hundreds of videos, former Good Morning America home improvement editor, Ron Hazelton, has an impressive collection DIY tutorials and helpful tips for everything around your home. Tiling, treehouse building, outdoor lighting, irrigation, decking and basically everything else imaginable is on the show to turn you from rookie to reno warrior.

eHow Home

eHow Home provides an encyclopedic range of home renovation and DIY tutorials, instructional videos and “home hacks”. There’s also an incredible array of home-related how-tos like making a floral bouquet or an introduction to basic candle making. With over 200,000 subscribers and well over 22,000,000 views, you’ll be full of all the inspiration you need to peel yourself off the couch and get to it.

House & Home

When you’re focussing on interiors it’s hard to pass up House & Home. Over 98,000 subscribers tune in regularly to catch up with the latest interior design trends, tips & tricks. Based in Canada, House & Home features design superstars Lynda Reeves & Suzanne Dimma who along with showing you ways to improve your home, take you on tours through beautiful interiors that are sure to ignite your imagination.


Last but not least, we have HouseImprovements. If you’re into (or want to be into) more of the construction side of things, this channel is for you. Floating wall systems, drywall installations & maintenance, building a shed, even how to install a toilet! Shannon, the man behind the brand is a 25 year veteran of the construction industry and harbours a wealth of knowledge that he generously serves up regularly to over 183,000 loyal subscribers.

Custom manufactured & professionally installed aluminium doors & windows

While we only mildly apologise for contributing to your procrastination, we think that in the long run, watching these videos is a great way to understand all the components and work that goes into a renovation. We even put some of our own videos together to show you the differences and uses for all the doors and window styles we offer. One thing you’ll probably also realise is that some things are better left to the professionals. When it comes time to installing your aluminium doors and windows, you’ll be relieved to know that BetaView offers full complimentary consultation, measure & quote then manufacture and install your custom made pieces. If you ask nicely, we might even let you film it for your new home reno YouTube channel!

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