Unconventional Uses for Aluminium Sliding Doors

Improving the energy efficiency and overall appearance of your home often entails replacing windows and sliding doors. Sydney and other local area residents deal with varying temperatures and weather conditions so it is important to choose new materials that not only will last for years but also can help pay for themselves in the long run with better materials and cost savings on utility bills.

Aluminium sliding doors and windows are a great choice during your home renovations and updates. However, what happens to your old aluminium sliding doors and windows? Sure, your contractor often includes the removal and disposal of the old elements into their installation price. But what if you could find new applications for those doors and windows?

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Porches and Gazebos

If you are considering enclosing your porch area or gazebo, those old sliding door and windows could find new life. When building out the framework for the enclosure, incorporate the windows and sliding doors. A reason why these items are often replaced is because of energy efficiency. This characteristic is often not a factor when planning an enclosure; rather, an enclosed porch or gazebo is more of a want than a need and simple protection from the outside elements is all that is required.

As long as the old doors and windows are in good shape you can give them a lease of life. You can also replace the flyscreen too. Those newly enclosed outdoor spaces offer insect-free dining and enjoyment.

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Inside the Home

Do you have a large playroom or workspace that could use some room dividers? One or more old aluminium sliding glass doors and windows could serve you well in blocking off spaces, especially in an area where you still want to see the entire space. One example might be a large family room where a parent might have an office area shared with a child’s play area.

Of course, using these items as dividers will require extra renovation expertise and likely the construction of some framework to incorporate them. By sanding the frames and painting them in a colour that blends in with the décor, you have gained extra functionality.

With a little brainstorming, you could come up with other uses for your old aluminium sliding doors and windows. Incorporating them in greenhouse construction and even art projects are options. Recycling these items can be fun so when comparison shopping for new aluminium doors and windows, Sydney residents should think outside the box to discover new ways to use the old.

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