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Special Offer: Your FREE upgrade to SmartGlass

With winter just around the corner, now is a great time to improve insulation by up to 39% Place your Supply and Installation order with BetaView before 4.00pm…

Using wallpaper in interior design in 2013

In this article, we take a look at the big comeback of wallpaper in interior design.  Bold patterns and bright colours offer a world of options to compliment…

People who live in glass houses (with sliding doors)

People who live in glass houses will almost certainly be too happy living in their beautiful, airy abodes to turn nasty and throw stones! You will have noticed over…

6 Solutions to Get More Natural Light From Your Windows

Whether your home is a new build or a classic beauty, one thing is for sure: you can never have enough light! The lighting in your home can…

Replacing old windows with Aluminium Windows in your Sydney home

Replacing your windows can be a confusing and difficult subject for people who know little about the process. When replacing your old warped, draughty wooden windows with aluminium…

8 Ways To Re-use Your Old Windows and Doors

Reusing old objects is one of the hottest trends in DIY home furnishing these days.  Crafters, artists and homeowners looking to transform their home with found objects are…

Homeowner Smarts: Proposals, Contracts, Warranties and Guarantees

Navigating the waters of homeowner and contractor legalese might seem like a headache. But, the very proposals, contracts warranties and guarantees that your contractors present you with are…

Upcycling: The Latest Trend in Home Decor

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term upcycling? It’s been used a lot lately and has been sparking a movement across Australia and abroad that is hard to miss….

New Homeowner Tips: Budgeting for Furniture, Windows, and Home Improvements

Often when we move into a home there a number of areas that may need work, sometimes the to-do list can seem overwhelming. Spending money on furnishings and…

Greening Your Home: The Secret to Health, Wealth and Well-being

Could you imagine living in a world without plants?  Considering that plants are such an integral part of everyday life, probably not.  After all, a world without trees,…

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