Best Places to Install Awning Windows In Your Home

Windows are a necessary part of the home. They allow for light to enter your home and provide a feeling of openness in addition to offering ventilation. You…

Function and Drama: What Bi-Fold Doors Were Made For

Do you have a spectacular view of the city, a lovely garden or patio or even an outdoor landscape? Do you get the feeling that your existing doorways…

Replacing Your Windows: Is It Worth It?

There are many benefits to replacing your old windows from updating the look of your home to saving money through increased energy efficiency.  So, why do most homeowners…

Unconventional Uses for Aluminium Sliding Doors

Improving the energy efficiency and overall appearance of your home often entails replacing windows and sliding doors. Sydney and other local area residents deal with varying temperatures and…

Bi-Fold Window Product Walkthrough

Bi-fold windows have been gaining popularity in recent times.  The most common application is in the kitchen overlooking an entertainment area where they can be used as a…

How to Get Men and Women to Agree with Decorating Plans

Getting men and women to agree on anything can sometimes be a difficult task, even with the best intentions in mind. Even when you’re looking at upgrading your…

Upcycling: The Latest Trend in Home Decor

Perhaps you’ve heard of the term upcycling? It’s been used a lot lately and has been sparking a movement across Australia and abroad that is hard to miss….

How to Make the Most of Small Spaces in Your Home

Not many people are lucky enough to live in a mansion surrounded by several acres of land. Most of us find the best balance in life is often…

How to Furnish a Room for a Man

Eclectic Basement by Wheeling Interior Designer Pavilack Design Without wishing to upset the politically correct people who would suggest that you can’t consider furnishing a room specifically for…

Betaview Q&A: Bi-fold Doors

Hi there, I’m Dave Bruhl, managing director at Betaview.  Today I’m here at our showroom in St. Mary’s and I’d like to explain about one of our most…

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