Oz Tandem:The Most Inspirational Cycling Team You’ll Ever Meet

A tandem bike is a multi seat bike with riders seated one behind the other.  Most tandem bikes are built as two seaters but, some tandems may have…

How to Make Your Home Beautiful Room by Room

Everyone wants that perfect home. You know the one I’m talking about – the house with the expertly designed rooms featured in magazines and on home renovation shows….

How to Find the Right Contractor for the Job

One of the most nerve-wracking experiences a homeowner can go through is giving over a project to a contractor.  We have all heard the horror stories from friends,…

6 Home Improvements You Can’t Live Without

There are many ways you can update your home and just as many reasons to do so. Before you start your next home improvement project though, ask yourself…

5 Ingredients For a Greener, Cleaner Home

Ever stop and think about the cleaning products that you use?  Most cleaning products are petroleum based, which means that they are not only bad for the environment,…

The Top 7 Home Improvement Trends for 2013

African inspired prints, tons of texture for floors and walls and an emphasis on art are just a few of the interior design trends that savvy homeowners are…

Aluminium Louvre Windows: The Perfect Energy-Efficiency Solution for Your Home

What do world renowned architect Alvar Aalto and the craftsmen of the middle ages have in common? They both knew how to use louvre windows to their fullest…

How to Select the Right Type of Window Glass

Did you know that the type of glass you use in your windows and doors will affect not only how much light enters your home, but how hot…

Understanding the WERS Rating Scheme

One thing that you might not realise about energy efficient windows is that there’s a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure that you are getting…

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Aluminium Door

Aluminium doors are found in many places from your home to offices and shops around town.  While selecting the right aluminium door shouldn’t be a headache, there are…

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